01 November, 2008

Working Life as a Secretary…. part 2

I was shivering upon reaching my boss, telling him about the 4 coffins he needs to prepare. His face was black with char burned smell.

Police was invited to join in and made things more complicated. My phone was installed with recorder machine. I lost the privileges of spot checking my husband where about, teaching my son on mathematics, giving recipe and coaching my maid how to cook.

Some gossip and reliable source told me that boss was being stalked and asked to pay RM100K for his life. The whole thing was run by a syndicate that targeted the expatriates in Malaysia.

My duty as a gate keeper had provoked the anger of the stalker, I was warned of my in-out safety, feeling disturbed and wanted very much to move my home next to police station.

After a few weeks of ding-dong, negotiation had came to the stage of settlement, our HR Manager impersonated by police to hand over the ransom, the Hollywood play cast came into the real life, a few check points was planned, but in between the police failed to answer some questions correctly whereby the stalker called off the plan.

Immediately, I received the ferocious call in the office, ‘Your boss is asking for trouble by involving the police, get his wife to collect his death body soon !!!” my ear was deafening by the loud slammed on the phone.

To be continued…. Part 3 final


Pentilium5 said...

betul ke... kat malaysia ni...wah kita dah jadi sopisketed, teruskan cerit.... boleh jadi iktibar ni

lewis said...

Aiyoo...why call the police...asklah Bala the PI.