20 October, 2008

Wheels Power

A family (2 adults, 3 school going kids & a house helper) had the following luxuries:-

1. Sedan car for husband to work
2. 4-wheel drive for wife to work
3. MPV (minivan or multi-purpose vehicle) to ferry the whole family on Sat & Sun
4. Motorcycle for nearby or short distance conveniences

The above arrangement sounded nearly perfect and draw envy from contiguous even car enthusiasts.

The untold true was it could become burdensome to the car keeper. Refer the following to-do-list behind the wheel.

  1. MUST warm up the MPV weekly
  2. MUST warm up the motorcycle weekly
  3. MUST clean it at least once a week
  4. MUST maintain & service the vehicles quarterly
  5. MUST have enough space for parking
  6. MUST prevent from exposing to sunlight
  7. MUST earn enough to pay for road tax, insurance, maintenance, fuel & other hidden cost

TINSTAAFL or there is no such thing as a free lunch.

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