11 August, 2009

"All you can Eat" Buffet

Some said that we were tortured on an expensive and extensive food, wolfing down the meals like starving hyenas. And some said that was a greed feast where we were practiced on the extensive of greediness.

I agreed with the description given. Our 'Kia Su' attitude (afraid of losing) reveals the ugly side of ourselves. Piling up Himalaya Mountain on our plates, but only consumes the size of ant portion, discard the whole plate which is enormously sufficient to provide 30 days food for a famine child.

Next round, if you are planning for a buffet feast, please consider the following suggestion:-

1. Preliminary Tour - scouting around every section, plan and make the best choices. Do not just go and grab food blindly

2. Food Tasting – take minimal portion, teaspoon or bit size portion, and possibly try all the items
- Soup - take only a couple of tablespoons instead of full bowl
- Cut portions into small piece, nothing wrong to leave half portion for others
- Do not afraid to ask the food server for a tiny slice “just to taste it”

3. Enjoy your selected Food – finally, you have tasted everything, and you should be able to identify the food that you like most, you can now go for a little bigger portion and enjoy the great meal

4. Desert - Ditto and follow step 1 ~ 3

Hope all of us remember when returning to buffet table, get rid of the overeating and wastage habits.

Bon Appetite!!


Pete said...

Everytime I see so many dishes available at the buffet counter, will always lose my appetive, don't know why, maybe to many choices! LOL!

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

i always feel that i only consume 10% worth of food nia, so Rugi-full.

sinaisix said...

Am i invited to eat with you? Your meal looks delicious and nutritious

calvaryzone said...

they say always start light.
don't go with the meat first.

dyeve said...

uff...what a lovely food here..its unfare..:((
smiles..nice blog..beautoful themplate and yummi posts..keep it like this..you doing great..Gratz!