20 June, 2011

99, 80, 79

I was thirty years old when this additional growth appears in my body, the doctor got his wallet thicker by inches using his knife to remove it. He then told me that it will recur if I do nothing to improve my health.

I pray and turned to someone ‘up up’ there, I told them before I join them floating on cloud, I need extra days to settle on earth. Based on my good track record, I definitely deserved to lengthen my days to 99 years old.

I knew I must strive to ensure that number come true, I did whatever good for 99, my daily schedule include diet, exercise, spa, massage, and many logical & illogical methods and ways to battle it.

Lately, elderly in my family tree reached and crossed over the number of 80, I discovered the great differences in them, namely:-

More ‘don’t’ then ‘do’

  • Spending more time with doctors than friends
  • Degrading Memory
  • Increasing complaining & nagging

I started to wonder how will I be if I set foot on 90?

My junior, Little L bumps into places that he need my explanation, I carefully explain to him what is Old Folk Home. After a long silent, Little L said the following:

LL: Mom, you need to take good care of your own health, because I am not sure whether to keep you at home or send you to old folk home. (Little L sounds serious)

(I am nervous as I never like the place)

LL: I want you to stay healthy, no dripping & bed wetting (Urinary incontinence), I dislike the smell

Oh no, I would rather float than meeting those aged folks under the same roof. 99 ? maybe not that tempting anymore. Shorter life with healthy body will be the best. I should revise and target to float before 80.

79 – I am heading.


Pete said...

mmm, 90 and no one to take of us...I also takut leh

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Pete, agree with you. At 90, we walk and move by inch. We are so much far behind.