05 May, 2011

Float in Air & Walk on Fire

When I was four feet young, some strange things happened in my home, our family members of four took turn to visit doctor, mom whispered that she sensed something not right in the home. She did not tell what was wrong, but, the young me believed that it should be related to - long hair, white gown, long tongue, bleeding eye, uttering hu…hu… hu… and had the ability to float and walk in air.

The situation persisted for a year, my helpful cousin sister brought us to the Chinese Zi Kong temple, popular among Chinese, located far and deep in the village. The path was small, bumpy, zigzag with tall weed grass in both sides.

The temple opened for consultation from 9 pm, sea of peoples queuing seeking for help or por-bi (protection). The Ji Kong Chinese spirit medium (tang-ki) dress in ancient clothing, cap that symbolize a ‘yuan bao’ (ancient money) and a torn fan in hand, we gave our house address, he used his super power to search and investigate, within seconds he said that our house had took over by ‘unwanted guests’. We were given protection ‘fu’ to wand off the spirits temporary.

That night, all of us squeezed into mom’s bed, I dream of them flying everywhere.

We revisited the medium for permanent protection, the tang-ki confirmed that there were a total of 5 spirits involved, of three were young orphans from no where, of two were my ‘sister or brother’ resulted from my mom previous miscarriage.

Tang-ki said he chased away the three, but the two refuse to go as they need sense of belonging, they wanted a ‘place’ in the family.

Tang-ki gave protection red stamp on the back of our outfits, he then placed a Buddhist rosary around my neck, he told me to follow closely, I found myself in a queued in front 12 feet long fire path made up of burning charcoals, the young me fear nothing but to obey, according to Tang-ki, those who cross over the fire path will have their bad luck change.

Tang-ki chanting and he started running, I follow closely behind him and ran over the fire path, I feared for the fire, speed was fast and pushing Tang-ki from his back. Tang-ki almost fall when we finished the line. I brushed and apologized repeatedly.

Two weeks later, there were a new incense burner next to Di-Zhu-Yeh alter (place on the floor). Mom said that it was for the brother and sister. Since then, we live happily ever after。

Di-Zhu-Yeh Alter
Long fire line

Resemble Ji-Kong


wenn said...

scary story..

Pete said...

Interesting spritual world......

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy Choo, seems to be very very less stories nowadays.....very busy Wall Street I guess...........Subra

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

Subra, wa..wa.. i got pressure now.... i got to keep it the pace. :)