15 March, 2008

My New kakak (house maid)

With knee down bagging to the maid agency, and finally I had my new maid in house, picking her up from the agent shocking me, with her resume in my hand, I ‘inspected’ her from head to toes and toes to head, has she got a facelift or plastic surgery done lately ?

How could she looks so much difference, from XXL to L size, from 30 to 20 years old ? My hair drop after much scratching, walking round her a few times, with disbelieved I uttered to myself, ‘out of spec. out of spec….’.

Sigh…. All my worries arise, I got to protect and lock her up in the house, keep her away from the hungry foxes & wolfs, the construction Indon workers, the Bangladesh, the Vietnamese, the local, the longkang man, the sampah man, the postman, etc, etc & etc. Perhaps wearing tudung and only show her eyes will be the best solution.

She gained instant liking from my kids, my little young son has requested to install air cond for her, my elder son requested to send her for hair re-bonding, getting her furry curly messy hair straighten.

My previous house maid was in mid 30 where she was a good home maker to me, to both of my elder kids (except my young son), she was nothing but like the witty step mother of Cinderella & Snow White.

I keep my fingers cross, ‘cheng cheng’ (praying) to the god, hoping that she can assist me in one way or another.

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