15 March, 2008

Yes Madam, Sorry Madam

Via is the name of my new house maid, she is young & energetic, the setback is her forgetfulness. I will find broom & dustpan in my car while driving to work, washing detergent in the garden, shoes beside the oven & many unexpected things in the wrong place.

Whenever I called her in for the unexpected ‘alien’ found, she will come right in front & say, Yes, Madam’ and I went on with the blar blar blar… and with smile she will reply, ‘Sorry, Madam’.

We had a few sessions of Yes Madam & Sorry Madam everyday. Steam was oozing out from my nose, ears & hair. I will soon have free furry curly hairdo.

Due her fast & prompt action, she will come by hopping in whenever I called her, sometimes, out of no where, she just pop out in front of me and cause my heart pause for few seconds.

She has fast response, she will run round the house to beat the time, hmmm… within 3 seconds she can reach the front from the back, not because of her speed but the size of my house.

A total brand new experience and eye opening for me.

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