26 March, 2008

Happen Once In a Year

Attended the income tax briefing again, the Senior Officer said, ‘there are 2 things in your life that you can not escape, 1st is death, 2nd is taxes’. He grins cunningly showing two of his top prominent canine teeth, that reminds me about Dragula.

Upon seeing him makes us poorer each year, wondering where will our blood be located after being suck by them ? Has they put them into good use ? More hospital? School? Spot & Recreation? community centres? Library? Mega project?
Or have I been benefited with the amenities & utilities provided?
Musing & tapping my fingers on the table, I should plan to exercise my right as a tax payer, General Hospital, Public Library, Recreation Park, Klinik Kesihatan, etc, etc, smiling and feeling self satisfaction for having such a brilliant idea.

I will schedule the plans, put the date after retirement age of 55 years, where I have all the times in the world to wait for the snail speed services, able to wait & queue 2 hours for the call of doctor, 1.5 hours for the dispensary, 0.5 hour for the librarian to write & stamp the date & so on.
Great !! I am paying it for the good course.

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