15 March, 2008

I will be happy for next 365 days

2 K is my trade mark - Kia See & Kia Su, I used to go for medical check up periodically, reason is the 2 K not because of age catching up.

My next blood test is scheduled in a week time, I will watch my diet & do whatever exercise needed to beautify my result, at least a pass and not targeting with flying colors.

My ‘Tong Sampah’ colleague is yelling from her cubicle, ‘mommy Choo, you want special order for lunch or not?’ She is slim & young, metabolism rate is high, and whatever input will go straight out without storing.

‘No’ I yelled back, ‘I am on cow & horse diet’ (solely on veges), ‘I wouldn’t want to ruin my result next week’

She come by my cubicle, drop me the bomb ‘you are cheating!’ I reply spontaneously ‘dear, at least I will be happy for next 365 days for getting good result next week’. Follow by a smirk.

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