16 March, 2008

Experience with AirAsia

First time on board the budget flight, a gentleman dress in casual wear was checking on our boarding pass, with lower expectation still give me a bit of surprise.

Air stewardesses were in red outfit with skirt above knee length, some shorter by 1”, 2” or 3”, the shorter one looks a bit revealing to me, (agreed with Wanita UMNO delegate on revealing too much of legs), bucket is needed to collect bubbles & saliva whenever the stewardess squat down.

Short & long hairs signify the freedom in individual liking. Tony Fernadous once said that their stewardesses were given freedom, not a must to be unified, each will be carried out with their own beauty.

Long hairs will fly & swing whenever the stewardess move, at times, she will use both hands to sweep her hair backward, graceful movement resembles the Pantene shampoo ad. But, she got to make sure there is enough room behind her. Passengers will get unexpected hair sweep to dust away the dirt on their face.

The AirAsia souvenirs were at reasonable price, foreigners loved to own it for remembrance.

Overall, it was quite a pleasant trip.

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