22 March, 2008

Jurassic Park …the other version

The yelling, shouting & scolding went on like alarm trigger me every nigh from 9 – 11 pm, Mon – Fri, the poor little boy (6 ~ 7 yrs old) was begging & crying in pain, the smacking sound were clearly heard from the opposite house of mine.

His mother has transformed into dinosaur again, grrrrrraaa….. little boy was scared, crying & running away… dinosaur was holding a school book with a cane on the other hand, grrrrrraaa…. grapping the plastic chair and here goes the hurling all her dismay on the poor school work performance.

I was once wish to become a witch, zoom in with my broom stick, waive my magic wand and turn both them into 2 rabbits, from there on they shall live peacefully & happily together.

I have attended several parenting courses, and most course leaders don’t encourage in hitting, whacking & spanking. in return, they suggested to use alternative non violent methods of child discipline, and manage with an ultimate goal of mutual respect between parent & child.

You may say the expert say nia.... not easy ler, my kid is hyper active, super active, naughty lah, bla, bla, bla... the list went on for 2 full A4 paper.

methods that are not new but effective if the parents do it corrently:-

1. Time up
2. Write sentences to remind him of how he should behave
3. Remove privileges (TV, Playstation, computer games, reduce pocket money, ride bike, stay up late, go outside and play, etc)

To carry out the punishment, the parents need to be patient, consistent, determination & stay firm. Need to give a friendly reasoning before the punishment. After which thank the kid for their co-operation.

Try it by doing a bit differencw and you will get difference outcome, see the result, where no shouting and scolding are needed.


Anonymous said...

How old is the dinasaur in question? Shall I introduce her to destress using the home spa machine?? She has to be careful before the little dinosaur grows up with sharp long toxic teeth ........God bless both of them.....

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

hahaha... spa is good, i need to get it first before the neighbor