30 March, 2008

A little is just nice, too much will kill….

Ever since I set bum on the seat of Business Development, there is a lot of fear that I need to overcome, being top ranking in the “Kia See” list, I think I will definitely die premature before the age of 100.

Sap sap shui (no problem) for me to handle the ground work on research, market survey, customer behaviour & etc., but when come to cold calling, it will some how create the uneasy feeling, unsettlement, uncertainty & even phobia of rejection.

During the cold calling session, my table will definitely loaded with ‘bibles’, documents, component samples, presentation files, fact sheets & other related and non related junks piled up like Komtar tower. Your $50 note will never find if you happen to drop it in those heaps of documents.

I need to tame down the butterfly in my stomach before the call, just the deep inhale of the coffee aroma will makes me feel alert, with one or two sips is good enough to boost my confident and enhance my performance, speech just pouring out like waterfall, saliva flying all over, full of promises, yes, yes, yes, can, can, can, and I am not myself but the politician who campaigning for the election.
The result of caffeine is marvellous.

Arranging too many cold calling means more coffee, over limit will cause me hyperactive and bouncing like a ball. My thumb will be shaking uncontrollably with the heart racing. Ambulance is needed to save me.
Sigh… A little is just nice, too much will kill….


kumowai said...

The success rate of getting business through cold calls are very low. It's a method relate mostly to luck. If the calls are not handle properly, you might piss off customers instead of getting business. I think cold calls should not target to get businesses. In stead used it to promote the company and services provided.

No matter what kind of work that you're doing, putting your health at risk is not worth it. Sometimes we forget about it when we're concentrating in our work.

P/S: Just treat cold calls like a normal conversation and the effect will be better.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

thanks for your comment.