17 July, 2009

Not Easy, Why Scare ?

My friend once told me that it is not easy to see ghost spirit, they believed that our brain wave and the ghost brain wave are of difference frequency, but if we tune into the same wave length, then, we will be able to see them, listed below are 5 types of people which can see the spirit easily.

  1. Sick, ill or near death – upon my grandpa’s death, he asked who was the long hair lady in white gown near his bed side. Another uncle of mine said that he was happy that his mother & father (dead long time ago) come to visit him.

  2. Cocaine Drug addict – get high and illusion occur

  3. Mediumship, spiritualists, high ranking monk, Taoist priest

  4. Mentally insanity, psycho person

  5. Abnormal Suspicious – mental weak and over suspicious and fearful of ghost existence

Well, well, if you are none of the above mentioned, then you are not that lucky to see them.

1 comment:

Pete said...

Ya agree, if you natural frequency is the same as the ghost frequency, then you might feel or see them!