15 February, 2008

Gong De Wu Liang

功德无量 or Gong De Wu Liang are the words that I always mentioned to describe myself doing some good deed, repeated for many times till my daughter will say, ’oh no, here is mum again with her Gong De Wu Liang philosophy….’

During the trip to tuition, I will stop by to give ways to pedestrians & cars to cross the road, and I will take this opportunity to educate my kids on the road mannerism, ‘blar… blar… blar… by doing this will cum our good deed and become Gong De Wu Liang (abundance of good deed)….. blar… blar… blar.’ My kids will go on snoring loud despite my preaching, so disrespect to me…

By telling is not enough, I must note down as prove, jot down the number plate, all in a list, a list maybe not enough, a big log book is more suitable, hee… hee….hee… I snigger.

This log book should serve as a key to heaven, I will ask my ah girl to burn it together when I rest for long sleep later, Gong De Wu Liang, Gong De Wu Liang… I murmur to myself

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