21 May, 2009

Those days in College

Back in ages ago, I am one of the very few Asian in the girls’ college, I was surrounded by the gigantic female Aussie classmate. I muted most of the time with only return smile to acknowledge my agreement or disagreement, maybe I am shy & introvert then, or maybe over shocked on the difference culture, I love to observe the girls around me, they are pretty, young at 16, 17, 18 or so. To them I may look like the malnutrition girl from the Somalia or Ethiopian, small & short.

At the class, some dressed well with make up, perfume, scarf, accessories, they looked professional and 10 years mature, some were just simply simple, faded cardigan top with flare skirt, they don’t even mind their torn pantyhose, and rubber bands were used to tie up the holes to mend the ugliness, so, you can imagine each leg with a few rubber bands sticking out like some kind of seeds hanging from her legs.

The girls smoked before & after class, chewing gum was to freshen their breath, they often disposed by sticking it under the desks, I used to peep under before settling down. Some desks looked like Tangyuan (Glutinous rice) ball sticking on it, with variety of colors and there were hundreds of it.

Unlike the quiet shy Asian, they were actively participated in all the Q & A posted by teacher, when a question raised, 90% of my classmate will raised hands, some stand up with hand waiving in the air to get attention, some calling the teacher, some were closed to shout. But the naughty teacher love to pick Asian L. I can see their disappointment for not being picked.

On top of school bag, they have a makeup bag to keep cosmetics, skin care, cigarettes, lighter, condom, pills and lot more expected & unexpected stuff in it, after school, they zoomed into toilet for freshen up before they adjourned to somewhere else.

Despite the differences in culture, I found them nice, honest, no faking, naïve, playful and possessed happy go lucky characters.

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just cool gal said...

nice!! XD. i always love to listen to your Aussy stories... ^^