26 May, 2010

My Yahoo Mails & Facebook were taken away...

While half way squeezing the neck of the veggies seller demanding for price down, my handphone ring, my good friend told me that my yahoo mail has been hacked.

Hacker sent out mail to all my contacts, asking for money, content of the mail reads as follow:-

Thanks for your kindness and concern,am in a total panic at the moment, this is a bad luck for me.My cellphone got stolen as well and the hotel phone is currently down.

I will explain things to you better when am back home, My safety is the first priority now. All i have left with me now is not up to $5 . I manage to access a internet cybercafe a bit close to the road.The embassy
here are preparing a temporary document in replacement for my stolen passport

Please i need you to send me money through western union , any amount which you are able to raise,My safety is the first priority now.

Forget about my marketing, I rush back with lightning speed, to my horror that I was not able to open my yahoo mail, all my contacts, my secret admirers contacts, my love letters, my tons of information had all gone with the hacker.

While seeking help from my friend, the hacker moved into my facebook, my facebook pop out a message to tell someone from Nigeria is logging in simultaneously, asking me to verify, before I could do anything, the facebook pop out the window, asking me to re log in, there, gone again with my facebook. I am not able to play farmville any more, I cant plant my veggie and fruits, the few millions of farm coins were missing as well.

My lunch was tasteless, my phone rings non stop, as friends were concern and worry for me.

I think I need to change my mode of communication --> back to basic, sending mails and photos via postman? Playing game boy for entertainment.

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smallkucing said...

gosh...sorry to hear that. Seems like the hacker is someone who knows you. How else the person know that you travel often?