07 October, 2012

Mothers Gossip - Branded Vs Generic Products

I came across two mothers who spoke on difference views of selecting products for their children.

Mother Lucy
Financially above average, working parents with teenage kids, both she and her husband could choose to have some good and expensive products, whereas for her children necessity such as clothing, shoes, and others, she would go for generic brand, maybe once a while invest in branded product depends on situation.

Her reason given was not to let her kids indulged with all the luxury and top notch brand at young age, her worry was whether her kids can manage to keep up the luxuriate standard when they stand on their feet.  To be precised, can her kids make enough money to support those high end meets.  She explained that if her kids happened to be in mid income group, they will survive well with the moderate expenses in genetic brand.

Mother Grace
Mother Grace has her own perception, for herself she would rather go for generic brand product, but for kids, she provides branded and expensive product. She even gave a car for her college going kid to travel around. 

Mother Grace explained that branded items means good quality, by introducing branded items at young age could cultivate the kids to have good quality sense, where in life, her kids will strive and work harder to maintain the standard of good quality.  She further added that those parents provide generic brand will cause the kids to have fewer quests in quality, simultaneous put in less hardship and effort in career.  

Well, there is no right or wrong on the above opinions, perception defers, yet we need to evaluate and make a judgment on our own.

Just for sharing on some interesting infomation on Marketing Brand Vs Generic Products - http://www.essortment.com/marketing-brand-vs-generic-products-24139.html

Happy parenting.


wenn said...

Sometimes I do go for branded..

Pete said...

Whatever it is......better don't over spend

Pete said...

Whatever it is.....better don't overspend

mommyscchoo@gmail.com said...

wenn - me too, once a while.

Pete - ya ya.... tiok tiok