11 January, 2009

Hawaiian Aloha Company Annual Dinner

We had a wonderful night with music, food & lucky draw. The atmosphere was great, decorative items like coconut, coconuts trees, fruits, flowers and beach sands were present to make it more Hawaii. Some of us looked fabulous with orchid garlands, fresh flowers head gear, floral outfit, sun glasses & thongs. Lacking was coconut shell bra top with straw skirt and topless tan muscular hairy chest guy.

3-pc band with MC played the major role to keep our ear busy, loud music resulting us to talk less . Our own employees performed a few songs with the strong cheer from the floor. Among the events were Service award and best dress.

What we were actually looking forward were to win the lucky grand draw of cash $$, which can help us to tie through the 2009 recession. It's pure bliss for money craver.

The most excited moment landed, the MC announced RM500, RM800 & RM1000 cash winners, with exasperating and sharp pain we felt in our chest, none of our buddies get the grand prizes.

Envy and jealously watching the winner getting their prize, some of the winners made their way to the stage, if this were a race, even Mr Snail would beat them. Where is the ecstatic happiness & excitement ? If this is for us, we will immediately spring out from our seat, hop like a kangaroo, grin like Mr Bean, and post like Hollywood film star accepting the winning.

Double sigh from us for the disappointment, and next dinner will be a question mark and got to depend on the company 2009 performance.


Anonymous said...

song ler got annual dinner,wah so enjoy,Happy Chinese new year,so give me big ang pow.... :P

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

come come come... i give u big big ang pow. Kong Xi Fa Cai to you & family

shiori said...

sounds fun from the way you described it, mommychoo.

i'll try to visit more often, been quite busy with work lately, hehe...

p/s: the guy in the middle looks like he's enjoying it. ^_&

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

being part of the committee, we acted like fun lah, actually more job than enjoy, pictures are for show nia.

The middle guy is naughty, shd get durian instead.