24 December, 2008

QQ Chip-Chip

With the influence of Astro Animal Planet series, my kids requested to keep pet dog, alternatively anything to do with furry 4 legged animals such as cat, rabbit, hamster & mouse. I ruled out all the possibilities as I am allergy to fur & dust.

Recently read an article on benefit of children keeping pets will increase their ability to nurture and care for others, have an easier time interacting with their peers, increased emotional reciprocity and sense of responsibility.

With this scientific evidence, I tend to give in and agreed for them to keep a pair of miniature Bantam chicken (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bantam_%28chicken%29).
On the next day, we were woke up abruptly by the terrible crowing noise from the rooster at 5:30 am, snoozed and repeatedly for the interval of 30 minutes and the last crow was 7 am.
We were so ashamed of the loud noise made in the mid of the quiet Taman, next, we wrap the cage with towel, hoping to let the rooster see no sun, but the rooster never failed its duty and continue to crow.

On the 3rd day, the hen laid an egg, and it continued to have one every alternate day. After collecting of her last egg, she sit on it, the chicks hatched after 20 days, but only 3 chicks made it, the rest were rest in the heaven.

My kids learned and benefited a lot during the 1.5 months period, caring, love & responsibility made them mature.

Cute, lovely and adorable !!


tony redgrave said...

at least 3 made it, if it was for me, all of them would've been resting in my stomach... hehehe....

kumowai said...

Why not a dog? Can help looking after the house too.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

oh no, dog is too difficult to look after, running round, damaging plants & shoes, furs dropping here and there, hai yoh.... no no