15 December, 2008

‘Sahara’ Office

Our central air con was not functioning due to certain reason, in exchange was electric fan that we brought from home. The office was enclosed without window and there was no way letting outside air flow in, it was like sauna and we ought to tie through the heat, humidity & stuffiness.

With lightning speed, those ‘candles’ colleagues that melt easily grabbed their shoes and moved down to another office enjoying wearing warmer with hot coffee cup to warm their palms. Left only few of us that wish to impress boss for better bonus, singing and hamming song by Ricky Nelson “I will follow you, follow you whenever you may go, there isn't an ocean too deep, A mountain so high it can keep me away….”

When the temperature raises high at 32.4C, I felt lethargic and mellow, my eyes were getting heavy and heavier, I need to staple my eyelids to stay awake, a long ruler was used to support my chin, to prevent my head from nodding uncontrollably. Crystal salt can be seen on my skin where I collected it home for cooking.

Dressing a little less, thin or light was one of the best method to wand off the heat, the naughty hungry wolves (male colleagues) were licking saliva awaiting and welcoming to see revealing & see thru attire. (Forgotten the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure)

I saluted those working under sun light, respected them for their endurance to weather changes.

For us ? Longing to end the Sahara days in the shortest period ??


shiori said...

lol, tony told me all about it mommychoo.... how he huffed & puffed moving the office equipment of those 'candle colleagues'....

as for ur 'wolves' problem, get the woodcutter from Red-Riding Hood to take care of them... ;)

tony redgrave said...

huh, 'huff & puff' seems like an understatement there, shiori~

10 ppl moving downstairs in one go, it was mad...

i was lucky to have got away without have to carry drawers, cupboards and god knows what else... hehe....

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

let's not happy here, the 'candle' team is scheduled to move up after Christmas, back to the 'Salem High Country' office after the restallation of air cond.

Tony, i will get you 1000 plus home make drink to boost your energy.

as for the wolves, their life will be prolong.

Anonymous said...

Dear Choo

haha...i can imagine the heat in the BQM office..i guess the smell from the sweat gland and feet sure not to be missed..mmph harumnya

have a nice week ahead

Best Regards