02 December, 2008

Teacher Veejay & His Student

My 6 years old little L was promoted to become teacher Veejay by my Indon helper (my son liked the name Veejay), she was very grateful that my son taught her English & Mandarin, she used a brown exercise book to pen down words and learn how to pronounce it.

Teacher Veejay arranged tuition for her on weekdays and rest on weekend. Sometimes, teacher Veejay got angry as she was absent minded and failed her spelling, she would get 10 times ear squad or 10 times correction as punishment.

On one beautiful fine day, my helper over joy and told me that there was this Malay guy proposed marriage to her. Thunder, lightning & rain showered onto my head, my face was sure longer than Prince Charles, she had breached her promised by befriended to stranger. Being high in EQ I kept the fear inside me, just cautious her to beware of naughty man who seeks for free sex.

A few days later, my helper again confessed to me that she was in love with a Ban-ga-lai (Bangladeshi) , he was very handsome, he would ride his black steel horse (bicycle) round our house during weekend. She was thankful to teacher Veejay as he had bridged both of them together by translating the English letter.

To me I consider lucky that she was frank to let me know the happening, and I had taken drastic action to stop further development. As for Teacher Veejay, he will be putting up in day care from next month onwards, as for mending the house, another mature maid was engaged.


subrayoga said...

Dear Mommy Choo,

Can you check with Teacher Veejay on the charges to build bridges for me with potential nice looking ladies. Also can he translate Tamil, Hindi, Phillipino, Thai and others?

Looks like he has started to set his career path.........


tony redgrave said...

he's got potential alright~

he has expectations for his student, imparts his knowledge selflessly; at the tender age of 6.

now why can't our school teachers have some of those traits?

Lewis said...

You are a fast firing employer. This is the consequences of being a frank employee. Haha..all your blue collar workers out there, work smart..bend it like the boss.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

** Subra - lol... a pimp ??
** Tony - cause we have a lot of student like my kakak, not serious for study, cuma know how to reply letter nia.
** Lewis - yup, you have got the point.