24 February, 2011

Young Men - Please be Reasonable

My basin tap was leaking drop by drop, it was like coin dropping to me, so I use bottle to collect the drops to ensure it go to no waste.

A small little name card pop into my letter box, I gave it a call for help. With 'bip bip road runner' speed, 2 men push my door bell, my eyes enlarged 3 times when they walk in, 1st - they are too young, 2nd - they are too neat, 3rd - they dont have the plumber look, I calmed and pacified myself not to judge the book by its cover.

To get my tap rectify, they need to cross the mountain, plug the stars from sky and empty the seawater. My jaw drop wide when they told me that they ONLY charge a minimal of RM700 to get it done.

These two youngsters' ambition is to own a Mercedes within an hour, bold and daring enough to charge a hefty sum. For these, tug-of-war negotiate going on, they finally turn face and gave it the final dong! dong! hammer of RM380 and nothing less.

I Ting! Ting! on my triangle - RM300 final and nothing more. Obviously, it didn't match the deal. We call off the deal. Too bad, they burst their dream car.

Upon leaving, the young chap ask for their petrol charges, which he had not mentioned upfront, I did not comply and they zoom off with a little not so happy mood.

I went round to grab a house repair contractor to bring in their plumber, next day, 2 men in their fifties came in, at ease and phew ~!! at least they looks like plumbers. With tools in hand they get the repairing & curing job done just within hour. Most important - they charged RM120.


Small Kucing said...

nuts! these so call "Plumbers" are the ones that give the industries bad name

Pete said...

Wah, so expensive, I want to become plumber liao! ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

the first 2 might be con men.

the second older guys are real but the poor guys will probably get half of the price because it is trough recommendation.