21 March, 2012

Wheels Power

Kembara was born in year 2000, those years she accompanied me day in and out, more lovable than my pillow partner. She is stylishly black fitted with kangaroo bar, she is tall and sporty.

For my petite size and height, at least I am made visible to other drivers. (Prior to this, my colleagues used to haunt by invisible driver at work.)

The time finally come that I have to part with her, my junior took over the steering….vroom vroom vroom… they speed off with my old faithful Kembara. From then onward, she was seen with additional ‘make up’ here and there, I was called to the scene numerous times to settle the problem, thanks god that almighty Kembara gave full protection to the driver.

One month ago, my son gave me a desperate call and I went to the scene, I saw my beloved Kembara lying lifeless with 4 tires pointing up to heaven. All the mirrors were broken,

petrol leaking like a river, to me I saw it like a real person lying with blood oozing out from the wound.

This round was less lucky, my son & 4 passengers sustained minor injury. Kembara was sent in for remedy after the stunt act of performing turn turtle & somersault , but the repairer sees no hope in her future, she was then put at peace.

Adios… Kembara, I will always remember you.

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