10 June, 2012

Price Price Price !!!

Since we moved into our very own house, I need to stand on my own feet and be independent, marketing is considered as one of my greatest challenge. 

I used to pick up my food grocery at the wet market, the place frequently visited by aunties and uncles, tongue fighting can be seen over few cents on price negotiation of poultry, vegetable, fish & others. 

Wet market can be the best place for Business Study Student to do their practical internship, where price negotiation skill can be practiced with win-win solution.

To promote friendliness and create closer relationship with customers, the sellers are storing away and keeping the price in their memory, as buyers, we are forced to ask the pricing, this is how to foster closer tie with them.  Sometimes, asking too many pricing may projected the wrong impression of being calculative and stingy, I would normally acted and behave like a rich ma ma, zip off my mouth and just pay generously whatever the price is.  

2 years back, Tesxx Stores Sdn Bhd (not the real name) mushroomed out their branch here, Tesxx had all the pricing clearly stated and labeled, from vegetable, poultry to all seafood items.  Since then, I come to know all the prices without asking, and the prices are fluctuated according to supply and demand.

After some comparison, I came to know that the wet market traders’ pricing are actually dearer by 30% to 50% (applicable to most of the items).  Sobbing in my heart, upon knowing that I am contributing towards their luxurious lifestyle.

Of lately, I made a trip to Cameron Highlands, fully enjoyed the free natural air conditioner weather.  Cameron Highlands is a primarily agricultural domain where we find an abundance of vegetables and fruits farms, one of the major tourist attractions is the vegetable markets, but to my horror that some of the vegetables are actually selling 15% more expensive than Tesxx, ironically, our supply of vegetables are actually trucked down from Cameron Highlands.

Buzzing… The more I know, the confuse I am. 

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Pete said...

Some cheap veg are imported from China....be careful lorr...