13 August, 2012

Sudden Fortune, Sudden Headache

3 months back, we took 3 hours drive to lunch in Tanjong Tualang, enjoying and collecting the cholesterol count from fresh water prawns, it was worth to exchange such delicious and sumptuous meal with 30 days work out.   

While walking back to the car, my 11 yrs old niece Little Fuji Apple suddenly pointed on the road and shouted “Money!”, Money is a nice term to me, I think, I dream and I love Money.  With my 1st instinct and lightning speed, I rushed forward like a tiger hunting for its prey, grab hold of the whole stack of RM50 notes, just 8 inches away was another stack, where my Little L inherited my  DNA on speed, and I just behind him by half second.

Little L was shouting over the moon, I ruled out such kind of disgraceful act in public, cause I need to maintain my noble and elegant self. 

50 meters away from the scene, we finally put ourselves together after having a whale of time, I took out the money and count, it was exactly RM500, where Little L got RM208, a total of RM708.  This was a huge sum, a lot of suggestions pour in, wait for the owner to come back, ask around, keep it or spend it.

Then someone popped out the ‘what if’ questions, what if the owner was in need to feed the family of 8 including 28 ducks, 18 ants, and an aged ailing 108 years old mother, or worst in urgent need to pay for medical deposit.  Our happiness cut short to just last for less than 8 minutes.  We frowned and lost, guilt level increase to the maximum, stared at the money in hand and look back at the scene, how I hope that the scene could replay back and I will choose to ignore the money. 

We waited a little while and decided to leave the place as there was no claimer, those money was put in our family pool fund. 

The guilt feeling had since been haunted me for weeks, I had troubled in sleep for the first few days, it also stirred my feeling whenever our family use the pool fund. 

Lately, my Leng Lui mom (means pretty mom) called to tell me that she lost RM50 in the sundries shop, she was very upset, and I rendered my ears for her to nag, she nagged every day, long enough for a totaling of 7 x 7 = 49 days.

With this, my peaceful mind created a whirlpool…. big and bigger, I look up in the sky, I am deeply sorry and I don’t mean to cause that pain for others…..  


Small Kucing said...

finders keeper. :p

Small Kucing said...

If i found that amount, i would feel scared. Whether it's illegal money or not. well, nevermind la. since nobody claim it

Pete said...

Dun worry so much lah, dropped by God of Prosperity for you to pick leh!

mommyscchoo@gmail.com said...

** Pete, you really so kah ? then, I feel better.

** Small Kucing, yoh, I never think of illegal money wor. you frighten me :P

wenn said...

well, if you just leave it there, someone would definitely pick it up. well, to feel easy, just donate it maybe to the temple or give it to someone in need.

ah tan said...

I will go Tualang next week to try my luck.

mommyscchoo@gmail.com said...

Wenn, ya ya, donation is a good idea, doing good deed, a step closer to heaven. Hehehe... (sorry for my naughty self)

Ah tan, my very best wishes to you. Belanja me if you manage so fortune.