06 June, 2013

CID, Walking Calculator, Inspector

It has been six months without domestic helper, first time in my life, I lay both hands on house chore.  The overlapping task took one month, I jotted down the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and half yearly to do list.

Now that without helper, the most peculiar changes that I noticed was the usage of household items getting much lesser as compare to before.  The reduction ranging from food stuff, beverage, toiletries, and the most significant reduction was my water bill, it dropped more than 180%.  

I recalled during a round table aunties chat time, aunty May advised me to keep an eye on the helper , 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, she spied on her helper all the times, she wore black spectaculars so that her helper will not notice her spying eyes, keeping 8 feet distance away from her helper.  She is more than a qualified CID.

Aunty Rosie added that we must also do inventory check daily, she suggested to count the number of bread slices, count the chocolate, count the biscuit, count the coffee sticks, count the eggs, measure and mark the milk, or whatever at home that maybe consume by the helper without permission. She has become the walking calculator

Ya ya, interrupted by Aunty Susie, she found biscuit wrapper under her helper pillow, coffee wrapper under the mattress, half bite apple in her wardrobe , chocolate wrapper in her pocket and many more eatable or uneatable things in her helper’s roomShe even went to the extreme to check on the garbage bin searching for evidence.  Inspector on the move.

Sounds to me that all helpers are greedy for food.    
Contradictory, my pillow partner (husband) just work on the opposite of aunties, he asked me to keep both my eyes close, let the helper eats extra, use extra, or if she takes our money without asking permission, it is alright, as we should consider it (missing money) as bonus for them. 

I cling on to this mindset, and I went through more than a decade of peaceful mind minus the position of Inspector, Walking calculator and Inspector.  

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peteformation said...

ha ha ha, maid inspector....lol