09 April, 2008

Cheng Beng & Mediumship

In remembrance of our dearly departed granny or Ah Poh, we do some prayer & offering during Cheng Beng (Qing Ming Jie), joss money or ‘Kim’ and paper accessories such as clothing & sandals, were burnt to ensure that granny has all her needs in the other world.

One of our aunts suggested checking the wellness of Ah Poh thru medium, and Ah Poh came alive by recognising and calling names of the presence, we were happy that she was the right granny.
Ah Poh said the sandals that she received were too big and cause her to fall, she prefer to have shoes instead.

Ah Poh said she would visit her sons whenever she is free? With curiosity my mom asked, ‘ah ma, how you come to my house where we stay so far away ?’

Being not too friendly Ah Poh replied ‘I have followed your car home before.’

With chill & uneasy feeling, we suddenly felt that this was not the Ah Poh we used to know, Ah Poh was actually blind and she needs guide or has she been cured in the other world?
She continued with an husky voice, ‘I shall visit again…in one or two day's time..’. With goose pimples all over, we kind of feeling spooky.

The session was ended, some going back with amazed on how true it was, some with doubtful question.

To be safe, Mom reminded both the maids that Ah Poh will be home and not to shoo away strange living things like butterfly, moth, dragonfly, grasshopper & frog in the house, it is Ah Poh who has transformed for the visit.

On the 2nd day, a big beautiful butterfly hovering the hall, kitchen & dining area. Both the maids were shivering with eerie feeling.

‘Ah Poh, Ah Poh… you don’t disturb us huh, we are only working here, please, please forgive us, we will ask madam to burn more more ‘money’ for you.’ said one of the maids.

Strange yah, should it be coincident or real ? ?

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kumowai said...

If she's really the Ah Poh that you thought she is, then it should be nothing to afraid of. Every grand parents wants the best for their children and grand children. No matter what it's family that we're talking about.

Unless we did something bad ourself then there might be some reasons to afraid of.