11 April, 2008

Man ??

MAN A, sole bread winner, wise man with good financial knowledge, take full charge of the home expenses & investment. Man knows the market well, save all possible penny on groceries, keep reasonably stock at home, Man’s chores including ‘ta-pao’ or take away food for dinner right after office work. Man claimed that more economically compare to home cook food, where it involves a lot of hidden cost.

MAN B, sole bread winner, important man as he runs >90% of the home errand, including prepare & send kids to school, send tuition, pay bills, and foremost -- cook dinner for whole family every night. Man has all the says at home.

The sun warms the buttock of the wife on the bed at 10 am, wife wakes up, she is busy with paddy cure, manicure, spa, yoga & many more sessions. Important to keep her self looks good so that man will not have roving eyes elsewhere. Wife go round neighborhood to keep abreast with the happening, sun glass is needed to protect eyes from the sparkling & glaring diamonds from her. She starts her chat with ‘My husband bla bla bla…my hubby bla bla bla….’.
Wife is proud of man and her man get popular & good name in the Taman or even neighboring Taman.

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