12 August, 2011

Angel or Devil ??

My Litter L goes to school by school van, there are mixture of standard 1, 2 & 3 girl & boy students in the little vehicle. Little friends are small in sizes, but the noise they made are equivalent to 100 twinttee birds sharing in one cage.

They are having great fun during the journey, chat, play and waive to passerby and commuters. Some time, they tend to disagree with each other, and start the name calling, pushing, punching and throwing little things.

Little L will come back sharing on the happening in school and in van, regardless of happy, sad, angry or frustration.

One day, Little L told me that he was sad to have enemy, I come to know that this standard 2 girl, accusing Little L and friends for pulling her hair and poking her eyes. It seems that she was the victim among the boys, cause was unknown.

Her mom was furious about the incident, she went into the van with a camera, she took pictures of all the boys, giving stern warning and threatened to report this issue to the school principal for their misconduct in van. Little L was upset about it, after discussion among themselves, a group of 5 students went to see principal to tell the truth that they are being misquote and unfair judgement. School head take note of the issue and so far, little girl mother has not turn up for the complaint. (maybe she meant to frighten the boys only)

After a few days later, it seems that the quarrel and bad feeling still persisted, again, the little girl’s mother turn up in the van with a rattan stick in hand, scolding and threaten to beat the so call naughty boys who disturb her daughter.

How strange to see such an over protective mother? Did she really find out how her daughter behaves? Was told by van driver that little girl was engaged in fierce tongue fight with the boys as well, she was no loser.

Children are smarter than parent, in front of parent they can be angel, but, behind they are no angel but devil.

To mend the situation, the van operator separated the little angel to be seated in front beside driver. There, solve the entire problem. As usual, boys and girls are happy to play around with the little angel missing the fun, mother of angel have stress-less night with the camera and rattan stick keeping for good use.

The world is in peace again.


Small Kucing said...

and peace reign once again. Ya there are some over protective mothers out there

Pete said...

heh heh, overprotective parents....lol!

subrayoga said...

Dear Mommy Choo, writing seems to be difficult, is it thatyou have no time or no stories......plese maintain your writings, love reading them.....especially the way you express things. Subra

subrayoga said...

Dear Mommy Choo, writing seems to be scarce nowadays, is it due to no time or no stories. Please maintain your writings, really love them. Especially the way you express them. Subra

Small Kucing said...

Dropping by to wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year. Keep blogging!